Available Books

Smart Violin Method Books One

Smart Violin Method Book One, used in conjunction with Easy Tunes, and Suzuki Method offers new music for learning to play the violin. The book gradually becomes more advanced starting with simple music intended to build technique.

Smart Violin Method Book Two

Smart Violin Method Book Two is filled with engaging melodies, keeping the interest of the student as they improve their skills. The music is supplement to Suzuki Book Two, and continues to develop sight-reading and technique.

Smart Violin Method Book Three

Book Three has music for the student to love and to perform.  Pieces are a mix of genres and include Celtic, Gypsy, Classical and original.  Difficulty level includes shifting, more complex keys and rhythms.

Smart Violin Method Book Four

Book four includes high intermediate and advanced level music perfect for  performance level pieces with optional piano accompaniment.  Keeping in mind that most students do not have accompaniment, the pieces can be played solo. Violinists will enjoy playing well-developed versions Korobushka, Dark Eyes, Hava Nagila, as well as music composed by Sandy Herrault.

Smart Violin Method Book Five

Smart Violin Method, Sandy Herrault, Advanced Violin Sheet Music

Book Five, has more intermediate to advanced performance material to delight the violinst or student.  Klezmeron, Gypsy Waltz, Por Una Cabeza, and more, will provide an expanded repertoire to the classically trained violinist.

Easy Tunes

Beginning Violin Book, Easy Violin Music

A very useful collection of 47 well-known songs for the beginning to intermediate violinist.  It starts with the very easiest and makes a wonderful component of learning to play the violin with Suzuki,Smart Violin Method Book One or both.